July 10, 1778, Salzburg, Austria.

April 3, 1858, Paris, France.

Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, France.

A pianist and composer, Neukomm studied under Weissauer and Michael Haydn, and attended Salzburg University. In 1792, he began playing the organ at the University church, and in 1796, became chorus master at the court theater. He also taught piano and singing in Vienna, his pupils including Franz Xavier Mozart, son of composer Wolfgang Mozart. From 1804–09, he served as Kapellmeister at the German theater in St. Petersburg, Russia, then moved to Paris. He arranged many of Haydn’s works, and, from 1816–21, played them in South America. His works include a clarinet quintet, string quartet, organ pieces, operas, oratorios, and other forms.

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