Ju­ly 10, 1778, Salz­burg, Aus­tria.

Ap­ril 3, 1858, Par­is, France.

Mont­mar­tre Ce­me­te­ry, Par­is, France.


A pi­an­ist and com­pos­er, Neu­komm stu­died un­der Weiss­auer and Mi­chael Haydn, and at­tend­ed Salz­burg Un­i­ver­si­ty.

In 1792, he be­gan play­ing the or­gan at the Un­i­ver­si­ty church. In 1796, became chor­us mas­ter at the court the­a­ter. He al­so taught pi­a­no and sing­ing in Vi­en­na, his pu­pils in­clud­ing Franz Xa­vier Mo­zart, son of com­pos­er Wolf­gang Mo­zart.

From 1804–09, he served as Ka­pell­meis­ter at the Ger­man theater in St. Pe­ters­burg, Rus­sia, then moved to Par­is. He ar­ranged ma­ny of Hay­dn’s works, and, from 1816–21, played them in South Am­er­i­ca.

His works in­clude a clar­in­et quin­tet, string quar­tet, or­gan piec­es, op­er­as, or­a­tor­i­os, and oth­er forms.

  1. Ames
  2. Jésus, le Fils de Dieu