August 7, 1823, Brickworth House, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England (birth name: Horatio Bolton).

March 1, 1913, Trafalgar House, Downton, England (near Salisbury).

In the family chapel below Trafalgar House.

Son of Thomas Bolton of Burnham, Norfolk, and grand-nephew of the famous Admiral Nelson, Horatio assumed his name on succeeding to the title of 3rd Earl Nelson November 1, 1835. He was educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (MA 1844). In 1857, he edited the Salisbury Hymn-Book. He was assisted in this work by John Keble, who re-wrote some of the older hymns and translated others from the Latin. This collection was reworked and published as the Sarum Hymnal in 1868, James Woodford and Edward Dayman helping with the effort. Nelson’s other works include:

  1. As the Sun Doth Daily Rise
  2. From All Thy Saints in Warfare

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