Late 19th Century

England, possibly Yorkshire.

The December 18, 1893, issue of the New York Times called Naylor an eloquent and famous evangelist from Yorkshire, England.

  1. Be a Golden Sunbeam
  2. Bright Crowns in Heaven Are Shining
  3. Come, Brethren Dear
  4. Hark, Salvation’s Notes Are Sounding
  5. Hark, Sinner, List to the Voice of the Lord
  6. I Am Coming for the Fullness
  7. I Come to Thee, Dear Savior
  8. If You Want Pardon
  9. I’ll Praise Thee, Savior
  10. In Yon Land of Light and Glory
  11. Lead Me, Dear Savior
  12. Look, Look the Foe Is Mustering
  13. O Hasten Now to Calvary’s Mountain
  14. Speak Kindly to the Erring One
  15. Cross, O Let Me Shelter, The
  16. Thunders of Judgment, The
  17. When I Think of My Home
  18. When You Come to Jordan’s Flood