January 8, 1874, Athens County, Ohio.

February 21, 1950, Anderson, Indiana.

Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, Indiana.

Naylor was a minister in the Church of God for 13 years before a tent pole fell on his back during an evangelism campaign in Florida, injuring his spine and kidney. A year later he was in a bus accident that made him an invalid for the next four decades.

In addition to hymns, Naylor wrote eight books, many articles and pamphlets, and columns in the Gospel Trumpet.

  1. Alone with Jesus, O How Sweet
  2. Along the Way of Life Are Many Foes
  3. Are Thy Sins Like Clouds That Gather ’Round?
  4. Are We Bowed Today in Sorrow?
  5. Are You Adorning the Doctrine?
  6. Are You Sinning Day by Day?
  7. Are You Adorning the Doctrine?
  8. As Children Favored of the Lord
  9. As I Come, O Savior
  10. Be an Overcomer
  11. Because He Loves Me
  12. Brother, on the Holy Way
  13. By Thy Dark, Deceptive Flow
  14. Can the Lord Count You Faithful?
  15. Child of God’s Boundless Mercy
  16. Children Join Your God to Bless
  17. Christ Is Mine, My Heart’s Dear Treasure
  18. Church Has One Foundation, The
  19. Church of God from Heaven Came, The
  20. Church of God One Body Is, The
  21. Church’s Jubilee, The
  22. Come, All Ye Ransomed
  23. Come, Justified Soul
  24. Dark and Gloomy Is Thy Way
  25. Death Will Come to Every One
  26. Dost Thy Soul Ransomed from Egypt
  27. Down from the Portals of Glory
  28. Eternal God, Our Refuge Be
  29. Forward, Forward Is the Battle Cry
  30. Future Lies Unseen Ahead, The
  31. God Has Sent the Holy Spirit
  32. God of Light That Illumes All Space
  33. God Will Give Grace and Glory
  34. God’s Way Is Best
  35. Grace, Dear Lord
  36. Guide of My Youth Be Thou, O Lord
  37. He Wants His Way in Thee
  38. He Will Care for Me
  39. Holy, Holy, Is the Lord
  40. How Safe Is the Soul
  41. Hushed Is the Woodbird’s Note
  42. I Am Only an Earthen Vessel
  43. I Am the Lord’s, I Know
  44. I Come, O Lord, to Thee
  45. I Have a Hope, Serene and Sure
  46. I Have Read Within the Bible
  47. I Have Wandered in Sin
  48. I Have Yielded Myself to Thy Service
  49. I Know on Whom My Faith Is Fixed
  50. I Love to Think of Jesus
  51. I Mean to Go Right on Until the Crown Is Won
  52. I Once Was in Bondage in Egypt’s Dark Night
  53. I Walk Today in the Christian Way
  54. I Was Charmed by the World’s Allurements
  55. I Was So Lonely, So Very Lonely
  56. If We Shall Scatter Tares in the Fallow
  57. I’ll Follow with Rejoicing
  58. I’m Going On
  59. I’m on the Winning Side
  60. In Fervent Prayer, with Holy Praise
  61. In the Bible’s Standard of Life We May Find
  62. In This Wicked World Am I
  63. Is There Any Firm Foundation?
  64. It May Be Little That I Can Do
  65. I’ve Anchored My Soul in God’s Promise
  66. I’ve Turned from the World and Its Follies
  67. Jesus, My Blessed Redeemer
  68. Jesus Will Save, for Your Soul He Hath Given
  69. Joyful We Walk on the King’s Highway
  70. Just Beyond Where the Shadows Are Falling
  71. Let Nations Bow Before Him
  72. Life’s Journey Lies Before My Soul
  73. Light of Eventide Now Shines, The
  74. Long Scattered Thy Children, O Zion
  75. Master and Lord Ye Call Me Today
  76. More Like Christ
  77. My Heart Says Amen
  78. Not as Teacher in Judea
  79. O Beautiful Zion, Fair Bride of the Lamb
  80. O Church of God
  81. O Day of All the Days the Best
  82. O Praise the Lord!
  83. O Sinner, Do No Longer
  84. O Soul Bowed Down with Grief and Care
  85. O Soul on the Broad Way
  86. Oft in Silent Meditation
  87. Oft in the Noonday, the Evening
  88. Oh, Write Thy Wondrous Love Divine
  89. On the Throne of David Christ Is Reigning Now
  90. On to the Goal
  91. Once Again We Come
  92. Out on the Desert in Darkness and Sin
  93. Preach the Truth, the Saving Truth
  94. Press the Battle On
  95. Reformation Glory, The
  96. Safe in the Love of Jesus
  97. Savior, Now My Heart Is Longing
  98. Shall I Be Ashamed of My Savior and King
  99. Shine in Me
  100. Should Not the Children of One Father
  101. Sin Can Never Enter There
  102. Spirit Holy in Me Dwelling
  103. Stop, Sinner, on Your Sinful Way
  104. Swiftly the Shades of Evening
  105. That Heavenly Teacher
  106. There Is a Name, a Wonderful Name
  107. There Is No Use to Tell Me
  108. There’s a Mighty Reformation
  109. Thou Art My Soul’s Delight
  110. Thou, Lord of Might and Great Renown
  111. Though I Walk in Ways Unknown
  112. Through Time I Am Passing
  113. To God Be the Glory for All He Hath Done
  114. Turning Thy Face from All the Past
  115. Voice Majestic from on High, A
  116. What Are You Sowing, Sinner?
  117. What Hath the Lord Done for Thee?
  118. When God Doth Call You
  119. When My Soul Is Oppressed
  120. When the Earth Shall Cease to Be
  121. When the Last Earth Tie Is Sundered
  122. When the Sky Is Clear and I Know No Fear
  123. When the Storm Winds Rage
  124. When the Winds of Persecution Blow
  125. When You Have Come to the Ending of Life
  126. When You See Christ Coming in the Clouded Sky
  127. Whether I Live or Die, Whether I Wake or Sleep
  128. Whether Life Be Long or the Time Be Near
  129. Wholehearted Service
  130. Will of God Was a Galling Thing to Me, The
  131. With Joy We Hail This Blessed Day
  132. Without Holiness No Man Shall See the Lord
  133. World of Sinners Know Not God, The
  134. Would You Go at Last Where the Holy Dwell?

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