August 4, 1896.

May 10, 1972, Norwood Park, Illinois (near Chicago).

A Pentecostal evangelist, Nankivell was ordained by the Illinois District of the Assembly of God in 1940. During her long career, she worked with Gordon Lindsay and the Voice of Healing organization. Her works include:

  1. Abandoned unto Him
  2. Are You Ready if the Lord Should Come?
  3. Are You Seeking God’s Best?
  4. As It Was in the Days of Lot
  5. Catch the Sunshine of His Smile
  6. What Must Jesus Think?
  7. Don’t Criticize Your Brother
  8. Glory Hallelujah, Praise the Lord
  9. Glory in the Heav’nward Way
  10. God So Loved
  11. Gospel Heirship, The
  12. Have You Ever Thought?
  13. He’ll Put a Silver Lining in the Cloud
  14. How Could I Leave Thee!
  15. I Know He’s Coming
  16. I’ve been Born Again
  17. Just Take More Time to Pray
  18. Let Us Stand for the Word of God
  19. My Heavenly Home
  20. Some Day I’ll Sing with the Angels
  21. Thanks Be unto God!
  22. Tune In!
  23. Unchanging Christ, The
  24. We Worship Thee
  25. What Must Jesus Think?
  26. What Wondrous Salvation!
  27. Won’t You Answer, Here Am I, Send Me?
  28. You Will Never Find a Friend to Love You So

Nankivell’s place of birth or burial