March 5, 1624, Halle, Germany.

November 23, 1685, Coburg, Germany.

Nachtenhöfer’s father was Cas­par Nach­ten­hö­fer, an advocate at Halle. Cas­par the younger entered the University of Leipzig in 1647 as a theology student (MA 1651). He was then for a months tutor in the house of the Chancellor August Carp­zov at Coburg.

At the end of 1651, Nachtenhöfer was appointed diaconus, and in 1655 pastor, at Meeder, near Coburg. In 1671, he was called to Coburg as pastor of the Holy Cross Church, and diaconus of St. Moritz church. Afterwards he served exclusively at St. Moritz, where he was second senior in charge when he died.

Nachtenhöfer’s works include:

  1. Diess ist die Nacht da mir erschienen
  2. So gehst du dann, mein Jesu, hin