April 11, 1858, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

April 8, 1943.

Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.

Myland’s family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, when he was three years old. He was associated at various times with the Methodists, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and the Pentecostals. As of 1917, he was pastor of the English Lutheran Church in Chicago, Illinois. By 1935, he headed a tabernacle in Springfield, Ohio. He founded the Gibeah Bible School in Plainfield, Indiana, and the Ebenezer Bible Institute in Chicago (1915–20). He also taught at Beulah Heights Bible Institute, Atlanta, Georgia (1918–20). Myland’s works include:

  1. Latter Rain, The
  2. On the Glory Side
  3. Pentecost Has Come
  1. Shelf Behind the Door, The

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