19th Century

Myers’ Seed Sower and Search Light were published in Toledo, Ohio, so presumably he lived in or near Toledo around 1900. The introduction to the 1899 New Century Carols refers to him as Prof. A. F. Myers, the author, a popular composer and song writer. We speculate he is the A. F. Myers (1850–1902) buried in Toledo’s Woodlawn Cemetery.

Myers’ works include:

  1. Blood of Jesus Cleanseth Me, The
  2. Children, Jesus Calls You
  3. Come Over and Help Us
  4. Come to the Land Where the Seraphim Shine
  5. Do the Cares of Life Oppress?
  6. Drinking at the Fountain Pure
  7. Follow, Follow, Following Jesus the Master
  8. Friend After Friend Must Leave Us Here
  9. Go Earnestly Forward
  10. Go Out in the Highways and Hedges
  11. God Has Work for All
  12. Grant Me thy Bountiful Blessing
  13. Hark! I Hear the Savior Saying Follow Me
  14. Hark, I Hear the Savior Speaking Tenderly
  15. Have You Asked of God a Favor?
  16. Have You, My Brother, Ever
  17. Have You Sad and Weary Grown?
  18. Hear the Loving Savior Saying
  19. Hear the Savior Saying, Come to Me
  20. I Am Satisfied with Jesus
  21. I Gladly Will Follow My Blessed Redeemer
  22. I Had Wandered Afar from the Shepherd
  23. I Know at the River of Death
  24. I Know the Redeemer Can
  25. I Know When the River I Cross
  26. I Read of a Beautiful City
  27. I Was Once Lost in Sin
  28. I Will Gladly Follow
  29. I Will Meet You at the Fountain
  30. I Will Sing of His Mercy So Wondrously Free
  31. If We Are Christ’s, We’ll Follow
  32. If You Come in Faith and Prayer
  33. If You Want Pardon, if You Want Peace
  34. I’m Satisfied with Jesus’ Way
  35. I’ve Found the Living Waters
  36. Jesus Will Carry Me over the River
  37. Keep Close to the Savior
  38. Let the Blessèd Sunlight In
  39. Lo! the Day Is Passing the Master Calls
  40. Lovingly, Tenderly, Bring in the Lost Ones
  41. May I Follow Thee, Blessed Lord of Love
  42. O How Joyful We Should Be
  43. O My Brother, Have You Started for the Heavenly Land?
  44. O Savior, Help Me
  45. Oh, Beautiful, Beautiful Story of Old
  46. On Sin’s Barren, Rocky Coast
  47. Rejoice, Rejoice, My Soul It Sings
  48. Saints Rejoicing, Angels Singing
  49. Say, Is Your Light Shining?
  50. Scattering Beams of Sunshine
  51. Singing for Jesus, Trying to Serve Him
  52. Soul, Have You Heard Him?
  53. Sowing by Word and Deed
  54. Sowing with Song and Prayer
  55. Story’s Oft Been Told, The
  56. There Is Joy
  57. There’s a Happy Land
  58. Though I Am Weak and Sinful
  59. ’Tis Through This Grace I Am Today
  60. Unto Every Thirsty One
  61. Upon the Cross
  62. We Are Working, We Are Praying
  63. We Have Met in Jesus’ Name
  64. We May Do Some Good
  65. We Will Walk the Streets of Gold
  66. What Can Satisfy My Soul?
  67. What Was It Bore the Cross
  68. When a Temptation Assails
  69. When but a Child I Learned to Pray
  70. When I Came to the Savior
  71. When Temptation Sorely Tries You
  72. Who Is It Travels, East and West
  73. Why Do You Linger, My Brother?
  74. Wondrous Story of His Love
  75. You Ask Me How I Know I’m Saved
  1. Birthday of Our King, The
  2. Hail! Glorious Army
  3. Hallelujah, I’ll Be There
  4. I’ll Sing My Temptations Away
  5. It Cleanseth Me
  6. La Habra
  7. Mighty Army of the Young
  8. Read to Me the Blessèd Bible
  9. Search Light
  10. Sugarloaf Mountain
  11. This Is Children’s Day
  12. Thy Word, O Lord
  13. Toil and Pray
  14. We Are but a Band of Children