August 20, 1932, Chile.

December 20, 2012.


Son of Salomón Mussiett and Berta Canales, at age 11, Mussiett was directing a 40-voice children’s choir, and became a church organist the next year. He earned a scholarship to The Normal School, where he studied piano, violin, music theory, and choir direction. While still in school, he directed choirs all over Santiago. He began teaching elementary school after graduating at age 18; he also, played the organ and directed the choir at The First Baptist Church of Santiago. He later taught literature, math, French, and music at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Chile.

In 1958, Mussiett married Gladys Le-Fort. He later moved to Argentina, where he directed the 250 voice United Choir of Cordoba for the Billy Graham Evangelical Crusades. He returned to Chile and became National Music Promoter for the seminary. He was one of the first to compile and transcribe Chilean folk songs on paper. While teaching at The Experimental School for Girls, he published over 20 works, including song books for popular and evangelical music; some were national best sellers, and others were used as supplemental music education texts. In 1974, he received his Degree in Philosophy and Education with honors from the University of Chile, where he taught Music Education Methodology, Philosophy and Education, and Pedagogy. He moved to El Paso, Texas, in 1981, where he worked at the Casa Bautista de Publicaciones for 18 years. He also served as co-pastor at the Iglesia Bautista El Buen Pastor. Two of his children’s music books were adopted as supplemental texts for elementary schools in El Paso.

  1. Alegres Cantemos Canciones de Loor
  2. Alguien Está a Mi Puerta
  3. En un Pesebre Yace un Niñito
  4. Gloria a Tu Nombre
  5. Heme Aquí, Oh Señor
  6. Hijos del Padre Celestial
  7. Yo Sé a Quién He Creído