June 7, 1843, Zanesville, Ohio.

January 7, 1934, Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Leander was the son of David Munhall and Abigail Rice Moore, and husband of Mary Emily Thomas. He attended Chattanooga University (MA), Taylor University (DD), and the University of New Orleans.

During the American civil war, Munhall enlisted in Company C, 79th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was promoted to corporal, sergeant, color bearer, sergeant major and regimental adjunct, and is said to have taken part in 33 battles.

Munhall did a fair amount of moving: In 1850 he was still in Zanesville, but he was in Mill Creek Township, Ohio, by 1860; Indianapolis, Indiana, by 1880; and from 1910 to 1930 he was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His works include:

  1. God’s Word
  2. Holy Spirit, Teacher Thou
  3. O Blessèd Word
  4. Why Don’t You Come?