September 26, 1767, Trynau, Moravia (now Trnava, Czech Republic).

August 3, 1835, Baden bei Wien, Austria.


Müller studied music with the Benedictines at Chronitz, Moravia (now Kornice, Czech Republic), and learned to play all the instruments in the orchestra. He was taken by Ottmar the prelate to Johannisberg, Silesia, where he continued his studies with Karl Ditters von Ditterdorf. In 1782, he joined the Waizhofer Theater Company as third violinist, and wrote his first Singspiel, Das verfehlte Rendezvous. In 1786, he became Kapellmeister of the Leopoldstadt-Theater in Vienna. Over the next fifteen years, he wrote a number of popular Singspiele, including Kaspar the Fagottist and Die Schwester von Prag (1794). In 1807, he accepted a post as Kapellmeister at the German Opera in Prague. In 1813, he returned to the Leopoldstadt-Theater in Vienna. In addition to his Singspiele, Müller also composed church music, including the Mass in G major.

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Müller’s burial place