December 23, 1841, Fordington, Dorsetshire, England.

May 8, 1920.

Elvet Garth churchyard, Durham, England.


Moule was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (BA in first class Classical & Theological Honors, 1864–65). He was Carus Prizeman, 1862; Browne’s Medalist, 1863; and won the Seatonian Prize (1869–73 & 1876). Taking Holy Orders in 1867, he served as Curate of Fordington (1867–73 & 1877–80); Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge (1874–77); Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge (1880–99); Norrisian Professor of Divinity at Cambridge (1899–1900); and Bishop of Durham (1901). He was also Fellow of his College (1865); Select Preacher at Cambridge (1880–81 and 1887); and Chaplain to the Bishop of Liverpool (1880). His works include:

  1. Chief Shepherd of Thy People
  2. Come In, O Come!
  3. Dear Is Thy Presence with Thy Friends
  4. Jesus, Such His Love and Power
  5. Lift Heart and Voice Above
  6. Lord and Savior, True and Kind
  7. Lord, Is It I That Enter Here
  8. My Glorious Victor, Prince Divine
  9. They Watched Him Up the Silent Skies

Moule’s place of death