August 2, 1872, near Rockmart, Georgia.

October 27, 1927, Huffman, Alabama, in a car accident.

Memory Hill Cemetery, Albertville, Alabama.

Mosley was the husband of Nancy Elizabeth Viola Partain.

His first song, For Me was published in Regal Singers in 1889, and he taught his first singing normal in Marshall County, Alabama, in 1896. For some time he conducted singing normals annually at Sand Mountain, Alabama. His singing schools drew students from all over the southeast United States, including Jesse Baxter, Vernie Fossett, John L. Shrader, Eugene Horton Whitt and Troy Daniel. He worked for the A. J. Showalter publishing house for 30 years as an associate editor, director, and after Anthony Showalter’s death in 1924, editor-in-chief of the Music Department. Mosley’s works include:

  1. Arrowtown
  2. Hear the Promise
  3. Judgment Day Is Coming, The
  4. King City
  5. Leaning upon My Father’s Arm
  6. That Is Where I Want to Go
  7. There’s a Place for Me
  8. We’ll Never Grow Old
  9. Whom Having Not Seen We Love
  10. Wise Shall Shine, The

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