Mrs. Libbie S. Morgan

July 19, 1840, in the family home near Bloomfield, Ohio.

December 19, 1886, Corning, Iowa.

Walnut Grove Cemetery, Corning, Iowa.

Libbie was the daughter of Henry Crowell and Almena Saunders Crowell, and wife of Emory Bishop Morgan. After marrying Emory Morgan in 1860, she moved with him to Cleveland, Ohio. In 1870, they moved to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, near the home of Emory’s brother Charles. In 1871, the family moved to a farm in Taylor County, Iowa, adjoining the farm where Libbie’s brother, Thomas Crowell, lived. Around 1874, 874, Libbie’s brother, George Crowell, persuaded them to join him in Maple City, Michigan for the purpose of getting rich manufacturing wooden bowls, rolling pins, etc. That venture was short-lived, and the family soon found itself back in Corning.

Libbie’s works include:

  1. All for Jesus

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