Sep­tem­ber 17, 1809.

No­vem­ber 14, 1886.

Morgan’s works in­clude:

  1. All Gra­cious Spir­it, Fount of Love
  2. Behold the Tra­vel­er Fed
  3. By His Cross the Mo­ther Stood
  4. Church on Earth Those Joys Por­trays, The
  5. Come, Holy Spir­it, Nigh
  6. Come, Let Us Cel­e­brate the Morn
  7. Creator Spir­it, Come in Love
  8. Day of Wrath, That Dread­ful Day, The
  9. Depths of Love with Pow­er Di­vine
  10. Father in Hea­ven! Thy Glo­ry
  11. For Life’s Eter­nal Spring
  12. Glories of the Sav­ior’s Name, The
  13. Glorious Co­hort Apos­to­lic
  14. God, Who in the Unap­proached Light
  15. Great Search­er of Our Hearts
  16. Hail Je­ru­sa­lem, the Blessed
  17. Hail Zi­on, City of Our God
  18. In the Ho­ly Cross Delight
  19. Jesus, Sun of Our Sal­va­tion
  20. Little Flock, Be Not Afraid
  21. Maker of All, Vouch­safe to Bless
  22. Not Made, nor Yet Cre­at­ed, Came
  23. Now with Ra­pid Wheel In­clin­ing
  24. O Christ, Our Joy, Gone Up on High
  25. O Com­fort­er, All Bless­ed One
  26. O Come, Re­deem­er of Man­kind
  27. O God, Our Lov­ing God, by Whom Thy Church
  28. O Sov­er­eign Mov­er of the Heart
  29. O Thou by Whom the Worlds Were Made
  30. O Thou, the Bright­ness of the Father’s Glo­ry
  31. O Thou, the Splen­dor of the Father’s Glo­ry
  32. O What Must Be the Sab­baths
  33. Redeemer of the World, Do Thou Draw Near
  34. Savior of the World, to Thee
  35. Set Wide the Tem­ple Gate
  36. Sing We Now Re­deem­ing Love
  37. Sing We Now with Praise­ful Voices
  38. Sweet Mar­tyr Flow­ers
  39. Thirsty Hart Pants with De­sire, The
  40. Those End­less Joys the Church on Earth Por­trays
  41. To the Apos­to­lic Co­hort
  42. Unto Thee, O Fa­ther, Mer­ci­ful and Migh­ty
  43. With Bound­less Range Our Ea­gle Flew
  44. With Hearts Re­newed