Sep­tem­ber 17, 1809.

No­vem­ber 14, 1886.

Morgan’s works in­clude:

  1. All Gracious Spirit, Fount of Love
  2. Behold the Traveler Fed
  3. By His Cross the Mother Stood
  4. Church on Earth Those Joys Portrays, The
  5. Come, Holy Spirit, Nigh
  6. Come, Let Us Celebrate the Morn
  7. Creator Spirit, Come in Love
  8. Day of Wrath, That Dreadful Day, The
  9. Depths of Love with Power Divine
  10. Father in Heaven! Thy Glory
  11. For Life’s Eternal Spring
  12. Glories of the Savior’s Name, The
  13. Glorious Cohort Apostolic
  14. God, Who in the Unapproached Light
  15. Great Searcher of Our Hearts
  16. Hail Jerusalem, the Blessed
  17. Hail Zion, City of Our God
  18. In the Holy Cross Delight
  19. Jesus, Sun of Our Sal­va­tion
  20. Little Flock, Be Not Afraid
  21. Maker of All, Vouchsafe to Bless
  22. Not Made, Nor Yet Created, Came
  23. Now with Rapid Wheel Inclining
  24. O Christ, Our Joy, Gone Up on High
  25. O Comforter, All Blessed One
  26. O Come, Redeemer of Mankind
  27. O God, Our Loving God, by Whom Thy Church
  28. O Sovereign Mover of the Heart
  29. O Thou by Whom the Worlds Were Made
  30. O Thou, the Brightness of the Father’s Glory
  31. O Thou, the Splendor of the Father’s Glory
  32. O What Must Be the Sabbaths
  33. Redeemer of the World, Do Thou Draw Near
  34. Savior of the World, to Thee
  35. Set Wide the Temple Gate
  36. Sing We Now Redeeming Love
  37. Sing We Now with Praiseful Voices
  38. Sweet Martyr Flowers, Fresh from Your Early Dawn
  39. Thirsty Hart Pants with Desire, The
  40. Those Endless Joys the Church on Earth Portrays
  41. To the Apostolic Cohort
  42. Unto Thee, O Father, Merciful and Mighty
  43. With Boundless Range Our Eagle Flew
  44. With Hearts Renewed