1992, Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

Valleyview Ce­me­te­ry, Camrose, Alberta.

Morck, a Luth­er­an min­is­ter, was a graduate of Au­gus­ta­na Un­i­ver­si­ty College in Cam­rose. He served as a mis­sion­ary in South Am­er­i­ca; as of 1966, he was in Bo­go­ta, Co­lomb­ia.

He served on the ed­it­or­i­al staff of the Luth­er­an Synod of Co­lom­bia which trans­lat­ed the hym­nal in­to Span­ish: They took 8–9 years to trans­late the lyr­ics, and two more to pre­pare the mu­sic.

  1. A Me­dia No­che Re­so­nó