May 28, 1779, Dublin, Ireland.

February 26, 1852, Sloperton Cottage, Bromham, Wiltshire, England.

St. Nicholas churchyard, Bromham, Wiltshire, England.

Son of John Moore, a small Dublin tradesman, Thomas was educated at a private school and at Trinity College in Dublin. He read at Middle Temple for the bar, and held a government post in Bermuda for a short time. He was a well known poet and Irish nationalist. His works include:

  1. Angel of Charity, Who, from Above
  2. Arrayed in Clouds of Golden Light
  3. As Down the Sunless Retreats of the Ocean
  4. Awaked from Sin’s Delusive Sleep
  5. Behold the Sun How Bright
  6. Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms
  7. Bird Let Loose in Eastern Skies, The
    • Dove Let Loose in Eastern Skies, The
  8. Come, Ye Disconsolate
  9. Faintly as Tolls the Evening Chime
  10. Fallen Is Thy Throne, O Israel
  11. Guard Us, O Thou Who Never Sleepest
  12. Hark! The Vesper Hymn Is Stealing
  13. I Saw from the Beach When the Morning Was Shining
  14. Is It Not Sweet to Think, Hereafter
  15. Light, the Dark, Where’er I Look, The
  16. Like Morning When Her Early Breeze
  17. Meeting of the Waters, The
  18. O Thou Who Driest the Mourner’s Tear
  19. Oft in the Stilly Night
  20. Scene Was More Beautiful Far to My Eye, The
  21. See How, Beneath the Moon Beam’s Smile
  22. Since First Thy Word Awaked My Heart
  23. Sound the Loud Timbrel o’er Egypt’s Dark Sea
  24. Sweet Evening Bells
  25. Sweet Spirit, if Thy Airy Sleep
  26. This World Is All a Fleeting Show
  27. Those Evening Bells
  28. Thou Art, O God, the Life and Light
  29. ’Tis the Last Rose of Summer
  30. Turf Shall Be My Fragrant Shrine, The
    • There’s Nothing Bright, Above, Below
  31. Were Not the Sinful Mary’s Tears?
  32. When Evening Shades Are Falling
  33. Who Shall See the Glorious Day?