Ju­ly 15, 1779, New York City.

Ju­ly 10, 1863, Newport, Rhode Island.

Trinity Ce­me­te­ry, Church of the Intercession, New York City.


Son of a bishop, Moore graduated at the top of his class from Columbia College in 1798. Having inherited a large holdings in what is now Greenwich Village in New York City, Moore in 1819 offered the city 60 lots (including Chelsea Square) to build a seminary. Two years earlier, Moore had become a professor of Biblical learning at a Protestant Episcopal diocesan seminary, which subsequently merged with the General The­o­lo­gi­cal Sem­in­a­ry as a result of Moore’s gift. Moore then became a professor of Oriental and Greek literature, a post he held over 20 years. In 1851, he helped found St. Peter’s Church near the school, and was the church’s first organist. The secular world best remembers Moore as the author of The Night Before a Christmas (A Visit from Saint Nicholas).

  1. Lord of Life, All Praise Excelling