May 2, 1888, Draketown, Georgia.

June 1, 1962, Ashburn, Georgia.

Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, near Sycamore, Georgia.


Moore was a Missionary Baptist minister, and a singing teacher in Spaulding County, Georgia. He attended Draketown Baptist Institute, Mercer University, and the University of Florida. After being ordained a Baptist minister, he served at Funstron, Alma, Moultree, Glenwood, Willacoochee, and Abbeville, Georgia; at the Bethel Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Sycamore, Georgia; and in Hawthorne, Florida. He also served for two years as president of the Georgia-Florida-Alabama Tri-State Singing Convention, and was president of the Southern Singers’ Association of Georgia. He estimated that he wrote over 500 songs; sales of his phonograph records ran into the millions.

  1. I Believe in Jesus
  2. Inside the Gate
  3. Never Grow Old