February 19, 1856, Wheeling, Indiana.

September 1942. His obituary appeared in the Bellville Star, Richland County, Ohio, September 10, 1942.

Bellville Cemetery, Bellville, Ohio.

Moore was a descendant of a brother of hymnist Thomas Moore. His parents were Dr. Addison and Nancy Kirley Moore, and his wife was Georgianna Wilson of Agosta, Ohio.

While very young, Moore showed an intense interest in vocal music. There was no music in the public schools in those days, but he attended every singing school he could reach. Soon he was conducting singing schools and concertizing, traveling for many years with the Leslie Concert Company as tenor soloist.

Later he was a pioneer in the field of public school music. He taught in the public schools of Winchester, Indiana; Marion, Ohio; and Champaign, Illinois. In Champaign he taught for 15 years, and in towns surrounding the city for 10 years more. While living in Champaign, he was a member of the First Methodist Church where he conducted the music in the Sunday School. In 1926, he joined the Butler Methodist church. When he retired, he moved to a small farm near Butler. He still maintained his interest in music. He and his friend J. S. Garber sang duets at funerals, revivals and religious conventions over most of Richland County until a few years before his death.

Moore was well known as a composer of hymns and songs for schools. In collaboration with three of his brothers, all music teachers, he wrote the music book The Regulus and later wrote Musical Gems with his brother Marcellus. His books of religious songs include:

  1. Jesus, the Light of the World
  2. Jesus Will Save
  3. Lead Me, Blessed Shepherd
  4. Lead Me, My Savior
  5. Make Me a Gleaner for Thee
  6. Meet Them by the Great White throne
  7. My Soul Is Safely Anchored
  8. Scatter the Seed
  9. That Beautiful Country
  10. There Is Work for You and Me
  11. Trust in Jesus
  12. Walking with God
  13. Who’ll Man the Lifeboat?

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