October 4, 1886, Greenville County, South Carolina.

November 6, 1959, Greenville, South Carolina.

Woodlawn Memorial Park, Greenville, South Carolina.

Henry’s wife was Rometta Y. Moon.

  1. All Alone He Died for Me
  2. Are You Reaping, Gladly Reaping
  3. As Servants of Jesus We Daily
  4. As the Storm Sweeps o’er the Land
  5. Blessed Savior, Hear My Prayer
  6. Comrades, Press Along
  7. I Am Singing Today of the Love
  8. I Sing with Joy Along
  9. I’m Redeemed by Boundless Love
  10. In the Days of Happy Childhood
  11. In the Gospel Light, Freed from Death
  12. Jesus Is Lovingly Calling
  13. Keep the Gospel Light Shining Clear
  14. Let Us Shine for God
  15. Message Sweet to You I Bring, A
  16. O Ye Lovers of the Eternal King
  17. Sing of His Goodness
  18. There’s a Home of Peace and Love
  19. There’s a Land o’er the Foam
  20. Under the Wings
  21. We Are Happy Today to Sing
  22. We Are Marching on to Glory
  23. We Are Marching on with Jesus
  24. We Shall All Rejoice with Glad Hearts
  25. What Will Be Your Reward in the Homeland?
  26. When Storms of Life Your Spirit
  27. You Have Gone Far Astray
  1. City Fair, The
  2. Kneeling at His Feet
  3. My Song of Love
  4. Stream of Death, The