Late 19th Century
  1. At the Fount of Je­sus’ Love
  2. Calling Thee Away
  3. Come and Fol­low Me
  4. Come to the Feast
  5. Come un­to Me, Ye Wea­ry
  6. Come Walk with Je­sus
  7. Go to Je­sus, Wea­ry One
  8. Go with the Gos­pel Ban­ner
  9. Gospel of Peace, The
  10. Holiest Name, The
  11. Is There a Man­sion for Me?
  12. Let the Tid­ings Toll
  13. Man Shall Live Again
  14. Onward March We
  15. Temple Song
  16. There Is Joy
  17. Toiler in the Vine­yard
  18. Who Shall Abide?