No­vem­ber 6, 1836, Pa­ris, France.

Feb­ru­a­ry 26, 1921, Pa­ris, France.

The­o­dore was the son of French Re­formed min­is­ter F. Mo­nod.

He trained for the min­is­try at the Wes­tern The­o­lo­gic­al Sem­in­a­ry in Al­le­ghe­ny, Pen­nsyl­van­ia. He re­ceived his preach­ing li­cense for the Pres­by­te­ry of Al­le­ghe­ny in Jan­u­a­ry 1861, and that year became pas­tor of the Sec­ond Pres­by­ter­ian Church in Kan­ka­kee, Il­li­nois.

In 1864, he re­turned to France, where he served as pas­tor of the Cha­pelle du Nord and the Re­formed Church in Par­is, edited Le Li­bér­a­teur, and was an ag­ent for Home Mis­sions in France. His works in­clude:

  1. O the Bit­ter Shame and Sor­row
  2. On Thee My Heart is Rest­ing
  1. Ah! Donne à Notre Âme Plus de Sain­te­té
  2. Sur Toi Je Me Re­pose