November 4, 1771, Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland.

April 30, 1854, Mount, Sheffield, England.

Sheffield Cathedral, England. In his memory, a statue was erected in the Sheffield cemetery, a stained glass window was installed in the parish church, and a public hall was named after him.



When Montgomery was five years old, his family moved to the Moravian settlement at Gracehill, near Ballymena, County Antrim. Two years later, he was sent to the Fulneck Seminary in Yorkshire. He left Fulneck in 1787 to work in a shop in Mirfield, near Wakefield. Soon tiring of that, he secured a similar position at Wath, near Rotherham, only to find it as unsuitable as his previous job. A trip to London, hoping to find a publisher for his youthful poems, ended in failure. In 1792, he gladly left Wath for Sheffield to be assistant to Mr. Gales, auctioneer, bookseller, and printer of the Sheffield Register. In 1794, Gales left England to avoid political prosecution. Montgomery took the Sheffield Register in hand, changed its name to the Sheffield Iris, and continued to edit it for 32 years. During the next two years he was imprisoned twice, first for reprinting a song in commemoration of the fall of the Bastille, then for giving an account of a riot in Sheffield.

The editing of his paper, the composition and publication of his poems and hymns, the delivery of lectures on poetry in Sheffield and at the Royal Institution, London, and the advocacy of foreign missions and the Bible Society, gave great variety, but very little of stirring incident in his life, though he did find time to write 400 hymns. In 1833, Montgomery received a royal pension of £200 per year. His works include:

  1. According to Thy Gracious Word
  2. All Ye Gentiles, Praise the Lord
  3. Angels from the Realm of Glory
  4. As the Hart, with Eager Looks
  5. Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread
  6. Be Joyful in God
  7. Behold the Book Whose Leaves Display
  8. Behold Yon Bright Array
  9. Bright and Joyful Is the Morn
  10. Call Jehovah Thy Salvation
    • God Shall Charge His Angel Legions
  11. Christian Warrior, See Him Stand, The
  12. Come in, Thou Blessèd of the Lord
  13. Come, Let Us Sing the Song of Songs
  14. Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain
  15. Come Ye That Fear the Lord
  16. Daughter of Zion, from the Dust
  17. Days and Years of Time Are Fled, The
  18. Fair Shines the Morning Star
  19. Fall Down, Ye Nations!
  20. Father of Eternal Grace
  21. Food, Raiment, Dwelling, Health and Friends
  22. Forever with the Lord
  23. Friend After Friend Departs
  24. Give Glory to God in the Highest
  25. Glad Was My Heart to Hear
  26. Glorious Universe Around, The
  27. Glory to the Father Give
  28. Go to Dark Gethsemane
  29. Go to the Grave in All Thy Glorious Prime
  30. Go Where a Foot Hath Never Trod
  31. God Be Merciful to Me
  32. God in the High and Holy Place
  33. God Is My Strong Salvation
  34. God Is Our Refuge and Defense
  35. God of Harvest Praise, The
  36. God of Nature and of Grace, The
  37. God Shall Charge His Angel Legions
  38. Green Pastures and Clear Streams
  39. Hail to the Lord’s Anointed
  40. Hark! The Song of Jubilee
  41. Hasten, Lord, to My Release
  42. Have Mercy on Me, O My God
  43. Hear Me, O Lord, in My Distress
  44. Hearken, Lord, to My Complaints
  45. Heathen Perish, The
  46. Heaven Is a Place of Rest from Sin
  47. Heralds of Creation Cry
  48. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts
  49. Home, Kindred, Friends, and Country, These
  50. Hosanna! Be the Children’s Song
  51. How Beautiful the Sight
  52. How Precious Are Thy Thoughts of Peace
  53. I Cried unto the Lord Most Just
  54. I Love the Lord, He Lent an Ear
  55. In the Hour of Trial
  56. In Time of Tribulation
  57. Jehovah Is Great, and Great His Praise
  58. Jesus, Our Best Beloved Friend
  59. Judge Me, O Lord, in Righteousness
  60. Less Than the Least of All
  61. Let Me Go, the Day Is Breaking
  62. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Brass
  63. Lord, Forever at Thy Side
  64. Lord God, the Holy Ghost
  65. Lord Is King; upon His Throne, The
  66. Lord Is My Shepherd, The
  67. Lord, Let Me Know Mine End
  68. Lord, Let My Prayer Like Incense Rise
  69. Lord of Hosts, to Thee We Raise
  70. Lord, Pour Thy Spirit from on High
  71. Lord, Teach Us How to Pray Aright
  72. Millions Within Thy Courts Have Met
  73. Morning Dawns upon the Place, The
  74. Not Here, as to the Prophet’s Eye
  75. Not in Jerusalem Alone
  76. Not to the Mount That Burned with Fire
  77. O Bless the Lord, My Soul
  78. O Come Let Us Sing to the Lord
  79. O God, Thou Art My God Alone
  80. O Lord, Our King, How Excellent
  81. O My Soul, with All Thy Powers
  82. O Spirit of the Living God
  83. O Where Shall Rest Be Found?
  84. Of Old, O God, Thine Own Right Hand
  85. On the First Christian Sabbath Eve
  86. One Prayer I Have
  87. One Thing with All My Soul’s Desire
  88. Our Heavenly Father, Hear
  89. Out of the Depths of Woe
  90. Palms of Glory
  91. People of the Living God
  92. Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, A
  93. Pour Out Thy Spirit from on High
  94. Praise the Lord Through Every Nation
  95. Prayer Is the Soul’s Sincere Desire
  96. Pure and Peaceful Mind, The
  97. Return, My Soul, unto Thy Rest
  98. Scene Around Me Disappears, The
  99. Searcher of Hearts, to Thee Are Known
  100. Servant of God, Well Done!
  101. Servants of God, in Joyful Lays
  102. Sing We the Song
  103. Songs of Praise the Angels Sang
  104. Sow in the Morn Thy Seed
  105. Spirit of Power and Might, Behold
  106. Stand Up and Bless the Lord
  107. Tempter to My Soul Hath Said, The
  108. Thank and Praise Jehovah’s Name
  109. Thee Will I Praise, O Lord in Light
  110. There Is a Calm for Those Who Weep
  111. This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
  112. This Stone to Thee in Faith We Lay
  113. Thrice Happy He Who Shuns the Way
  114. Thy Glory, Lord, the Heavens Declare
  115. Thy Law Is Perfect, Lord of Light
  116. Thy Word, Almighty Lord
  117. To Adam Thus Jehovah Spake
  118. To Thy Temple I Repair
  119. We Bid Thee Welcome in the Name
  120. What Are These in Bright Array?
  121. What Is the Thing of Greatest Price?
  122. What Secret Hand at Morning Light
  123. When in Dark and Dreadful Gloom
  124. When Jesus Left His Father’s Throne
  125. When on Sinai’s Top I See
  126. Where Are the Dead?
  127. While Through This Changing World We Roam
  128. Who Make the Lord of Hosts Their Tower
  129. Within These Walls Be Peace
  130. World in Condemnation Lay, The
  131. Yes, I Will Extol Thee