1714, Alsace.

Molther studied theology at Jena, joined the Moravian Brethren in 1737, and went to London 1739. He was minister of the Brethren’s congregation at Neuwied from 1750 to 1761, then spent the rest of his life in Dublin and Bedford. In 1775 he was consecrated as bishop of the Brethren’s Unity.

  1. Behold, My Soul, Thy Savior
  2. Christ, Thine All-Atoning Death
  3. Now Rest in Peace
  4. O Could We but Love That Savior
  5. O Spirit of Grace, Thy Kindness We Trace
  6. Rejoice, My Soul, God Cares for Thee
  7. Rise, Exalt Our Head and King
  8. Rise, My Soul, Shake Off All Sadness
  9. See, World, upon the Bloody Tree
    • See, World, upon the Shameful Tree
  10. True Good Shepherd, God’s Own Son, The
  11. ’Tis the Most Blest and Needful Part
  12. What Peace Divine, What Perfect Happiness
  13. When, O When Shall I Have the Favor