February 3, 1922, Tecuci, Romania.

July 12, 2007, Sibiu, Romania.

Nicolae was the son of John and Ruxandra Moldoveanu, and husband of Elena Bogdan (married 1947, Săsciori, Romania).

He was born into a poor family and lost his father at age 3½. At age 12, he entered a program called the military program called the Army’s Children. He lived on a military base in Transylvania, where he joined a brass ensemble, playing the trumpet, and learning dulcimer, piano and accordion. While on military leave in 1935, he went with his mother to a group called the Lord’s Army, a branch of the Greek Orthodox Church. He came to Christ in 1938, and began writing songs, which were first published in Village’s Light.

Between 1948 and 1959 he worked closely with poet Traian Dorz poet, publishing with him Psalms and Hymns, Songs of the Bible and many other songs and Christian hymns. In 1948, the new Communist government of Roman outlawed the Lord’s Army, though the group continued to meet. In 1959, Moldoveanu was sentenced to 12 years in prison on false charges of trying to overthrow the government. While in prison, he met other persecuted Christians such as Traian Dorz and Richard Wurmbrand. He was released as part of a general amnesty five years later, but the secret police kept close watch on him. Despite constant government surveillance, his lyrics and music spread throughout Romania.

Moldoveanu is said to have written 8,000 songs in his lifetime, over 300 of them while in prison.

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