March 13, 1849, Wisconsin.

April 23, 1928.

Cass City, Michigan.

Mitchell was a pioneer of Oceana County, Michigan, where he lived at least 1900–20. A carpenter, farmer, and veteran of the American civil war, he was known as the poet laureate of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Michigan.

  1. All the Days of My Time
  2. As We Go upon Our Way
  3. Blessed Rule That Jesus Gave, The
  4. Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing, Lord
  5. Father, Once Again We Come
  6. Glory Ever Be to Thee
  7. God Notes the Little Sparrow’s Fall
  8. How Full of Comfort Are Thy Precious Words
  9. In the Service of Our King
  10. I Am Coming to the Fountain
  11. I Will Sing of the Beautiful City
  12. Life Is Passing, Quickly Passing
  13. Love of Jesus, The
  14. Music Sweetly Greets My Ear, The
  15. Nearer to Thee Is My Prayer
  16. Now Has Come the Time of Parting
  17. O It Will Be Brighter Tomorrow
  18. O Pilgrim on Your Homeward Way
  19. O Rally, Ye Soldiers of Jesus Today
  20. O Reflect the Light Divine
  21. O Tell Me the Beautiful Story
  22. O the Light from the Bright World Above Me
  23. O What Is the Blest Token
  24. Rally to the Standard
  25. Ring the Bells of Heaven
  26. See the Savior in the Garden
  27. Songs of the Great Salvation, The
  28. Tell Me the Beautiful Story
  29. There’s a Light That Is Shining Above Us
  30. There’s a Song That the Angels Never Sing
  31. There’s a voice Comes to My Soul
  32. There Is Work for Christian Hearts and Hands
  33. There Will Be a Perfect Rest
  34. Thou Who Art Our Only Savior
  35. Toiling, Toiling Day By Day
  36. Trusting in the Master
  37. We Are All in the Heart of the Blessed One
  38. We Are Busy Little Workers
  39. We Are Hastening Along to the Beautiful Land
  40. We Are Marching to Glory
  41. When the Blessed Master Left Our World