January 7, 1868, Lakehurst, New Jersey.

March 10, 1946, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Hillcrest Memorial Park, Washington, New Jersey.

A. A. Payn.


Miles attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and the University of Pennsylvania. In 1892, he abandoned his career as a pharmacist and wrote his first Gospel song, List ’Tis Jesus’ Voice, which was published by the Hall-Mack Company. He served as editor and manager at Hall-Mack for 37 years. In his own words:

It is as a writer of gospel songs I am proud to be known, for in that way I may be of the most use to my Master, whom I serve willingly although not as efficiently as is my desire.

Miles’ works include:

  1. Across the Mystic Maze of Years
  2. After a While, the Burdens We Have Borne So Long
  3. All Alone
  4. All Blotted Out, All Blotted Out
  5. All Earth Today Is Bright and Gay
  6. All Hail to Thee, Emanuel!
  7. All Is Dark, I Cannot See My Way
  8. All My Cloudy Days Are Bright
  9. All Paths Are Bright
  10. All That Drew Me I Have Left Behind
  11. All That Held Me, I Have Left Behind
  12. All That I Am or Hope to Be
  13. All the Joy in the World Is Thine
  14. All the World Is Bright to Me
  15. Answering Thy Call
  16. Anything or Nothing
  17. Army of the Cross, The
  18. As a Lighthouse on the Shore
  19. At Morning, When We Awaken
  20. At One with God
  21. At the Cross, at the Cross, Wonder Found Me
  22. Awake, and in His Strength Renewed
  23. Awake, Awake, O Earth, Awake and Sing!
  24. Awake, Awake, the Dawn of Day Is Breaking
  25. Awake, Awake, with Light the Skies Are Glowing
  26. Away with Doubt, Away with Fear
  27. Beautiful Flowers of Eden
  28. Believer, There’s a Blessing
  29. Bells of Peace on High
  30. Betrayed with a Kiss
  31. Birds Have Their Nests, The
  32. Blessed Be He, the God of Our Salvation
  33. Blessed Comforter, Dwell in Me I Pray
  34. Bring, O Bring Again to Me
  35. By the Blood on the Cross of Calvary
  36. By Thy Love Which Feared No Danger
  37. Carols Sing to Our King
  38. Cheerily, Cheerily Singing
  39. Cheerful Word, a Kindly Smile, A
  40. Child in Lowly Manger Lying
  41. Christ Is Born
  42. City of Refuge, The
  43. Cheerily, Cheerily Singing
  44. Clinging to Calvary
  45. Close, Close to Thee!
  46. Cloud and the Fire, The
  47. Clouds May Hover Over Me
  48. Come Where the Fountains Are Flowing
  49. Come, Ye Heavy Laden
  50. Conquest Banners Streaming
  51. Cross Crowned Hill Above a Verdant Plain
  52. Day By Day, Hour By Hour
  53. Days That Glide So Swiftly, The
  54. Decision
  55. Do You Know the Savior as I Know Him?
  56. Don’t You Hear the Tumult in the City?
  57. Down By a River Where the Breezes Blow
  58. Draw Me Nearer, O My Savior
  59. Dwelling in Beulah Land
  60. Earth Is but a Place to Tarry
  61. Easter Bells, Easter Bells, Pealing
  62. Ever Abiding in His Love
  63. Every Voice That Carols to the King
  64. Faith Reveals in Untold Beauty
  65. Faithful Is He
  66. Falter Not
  67. Far Above Earth’s Tumult
  68. Far Above the World So High
  69. Far and Wide the Angels’ Song
  70. Far Up the Mountain of Sin Do I Roam
  71. Flow, Flow on Life’s Broad Stream
  72. Flowers in the Meadow Growing
  73. For Gentle Rain That Fills Anew the Spring
  74. For My Sins, Is Pardon Found
  75. For You, Sinner, for You
  76. Fountain Was Opened on Calvary, A
  77. Forward, Christian Soldier, Go
  78. From Dawn to Evensong Is but a Day
  79. From the Morning Dawn as the Hours Roll On
  80. From the Throne Flows a Wondrous Stream
  81. Galilean, Meek and Lowly
  82. Gather the Sunbeams as They Fall
  83. Give Me No Treasures That Last but a While
  84. Go and Tell unto All the Gospel Story
  85. God Holds the Key to the Crosses
  86. God Is Calling Now for Workers
  87. God Is Ever Careful of His Own
  88. God Laid on Me a Cross to Carry
  89. God’s Own Hand Shall Lead Me
  90. Golden Sands Are Flowing, The
  91. Gospel Train, The
  92. Grant, My Dear Lord, Thy Blessing unto Me
  93. Hark, on the Highway of Life a Sound
  94. Hark, the Sabbath Bells Are Pealing Softly
  95. Hasten Away
  96. Hate Made a Cross from the Wood of a Tree
  97. Have You Done Your Very Best?
  98. He Is Mine
  99. He My Refuge Is, My Fortress
  100. Hear the Angels Singing
  101. Hear the Chimes of the Gospel Bells
  102. Heavenly Doors Were Opened
  103. Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God, The
  104. Here We All Must Part
  105. He’s Able and Willing
  106. Hills Are Crowned with Roses, The
  107. Hold Thou My Hand, O Lord?
  108. Holy Bible, Word Divine
  109. Hope of the World Is Calvary, The
  110. Hope of the World Is Jesus, The
  111. How Glorious Is the Holy Word
  112. How Often You Think of Your Home
  113. I Am Alpha and Omega
  114. I Am Fully Satisfied with Jesus’ Love
  115. I Am Glad to Tell, with My Soul ’Tis Well
  116. I Am Happy Every Day, for I Know
  117. I Am Happy in the Lord, Sweetly Trusting
  118. I Am Not Under Law, I’m Under Grace
  119. I Am Rejoicing Now in Sins Forgiven
  120. I Am Sailing on a Sea
  121. I Am the Way, the Savior Said
  122. I Cannot Understand While Walking Hand in Hand
  123. I Claim for My Own a King on a Throne
  124. I Do Not Ask
  125. I Do Not Know and None Can Tell
  126. I Do Not Know the Depth of Jesus’ Love
  127. I Have a Comrade Who Knows Me Well
  128. I Have a Friend Indeed, a Friend I Often Need
  129. I Have a Friend, Than Whom I Need No Other
  130. I Have a Friend Unfailing
  131. I Have a Friend Who Knows Me So Well
  132. I Have Blessed Peace Though the Storm May Beat
  133. I Knew I Was a Sinner
  134. I Know I Am a Sinner in the Sight of God
  135. I Know Whom I Have Believed
  136. I Know I Love My Savior
  137. I Love Him Because I Know Him
  138. I Love Him, Though Unworthy Ever
  139. I Love to Think of Jesus
  140. I Must Have Jesus with Me
  141. I Must Lay This Body Down and Soar Away
  142. I Often Wonder What Shall Be
  143. I Saw Around the Throne
  144. I Seem to See One Walking By the Sea of Galilee
  145. I Shall Wear a Golden Crown
  146. I Sought to Find My Heart’s Desire
  147. I Strive to Walk the Narrow Way
  148. I Walk with Jesus Tho’ His Pierced Feet
  149. I Want to Be Saved
  150. I Want to Be There at the Roll Call
  151. I Want to Tell the Story I Love So Well
  152. I Will Not Leave You Comfortless
  153. I Will Not Let Thee Go Until Thou Bless Me
  154. I Will Seek to Be a Blessing
  155. I’d Like to Be a Child Again
  156. If a Cross I Bear
  157. If Jesus Goes with Me
  158. If the Voice of God Should Come to You
  159. If You Have Knelt Before Your God in Prayer
  160. I’ll Cling to Him, Whose Pierced Feet
  161. I’ll Cling to Thee, Jesus, in Joy and in Pain
  162. I’m Going There
  163. I’ll Never Cease to Love Him
  164. I’m Weary of Bearing My Burden
  165. In a Manger Low, in a Cattle Shed
  166. In My Heart I Have a Song
  167. In the Beauty of the Earth
  168. In the Garden
  169. In the Glory of the Early Morning
  170. In the Upper Garden
  171. In the Word of God Is a Wondrous Plan
  172. In Thee Do I Live
  173. In Thy Hands, O Jesus, All My Life I Place
  174. Is There on Your Heart a Burden
  175. Is There One Who Can Feed the Hungry Soul?
  176. I’ve Been Redeemed By the Precious Blood
  177. Jerusalem, O City Bright
  178. Jesus! Blessèd Name!
  179. Jesus Christ My Pardon Purchased
  180. Jesus, I Have Come to Thee
  181. Jesus in the Morning When I Wake
  182. Jesus Knows My Cares
  183. Jesus, My Savior, Calls in Tones So Clear
  184. Jesus, My Savior, When I Stand and View
  185. Jesus, to Thee I Kneel in Sweet Submission
  186. Joy Is Springing in This Soul of Mine
  187. Just a Little Nearer, Speaks a Loving Voice
  188. Just a Step from Here to Heaven
  189. Just to Have the Loving Heart of Jesus
  190. King Divine Is a Friend of Mine, A
  191. King Is Born in Bethlehem, A
  192. Kings of the Earth Dwell in Palaces Fair
  193. Life Is but a Moment That Soon Will Be Past
  194. Life Is but a Span in the Measure of Years
  195. Life Is Full of Sunshine
  196. Life Is Like the Rolling Ocean
  197. Little More Giving, A
  198. Listen to the Song the Birds Are Singing
  199. Long Ago I Lost My Evil Love for Sinning
  200. Look for Me!
  201. Lord, Is It I?
  202. Look Up When All the Way Is Dark
  203. Love, Mercy and Grace
  204. Love of the Savior of Sinners, The
  205. Lullaby, Lullaby, Angels Guard
  206. March On, O Sons of God
  207. Master Is Come and Calleth for Thee, The
  208. Mid the Throng in Which I’m Daily Living
  209. Mourners Left Weeping, The
  210. My Father’s House Above
  211. My Heart Is Singing as the Days Go By
  212. My Lord Has Done So Much for Me
  213. My Sins, O the Peace-Giving Thought
  214. My Sins Were Many, Without a Doubt
  215. My Trust I Place Now and Ever
  216. My Way Was Not the Right Way
  217. Myriads of Fragrant Flowers
  218. Name of All the Names the Dearest
  219. Never Friendless, I Have a Wonderful Friend
  220. Never Mind the Weather, Dark or Fair
  221. New Name in Glory, A
  222. Next Step, The
  223. No Caste Nor Creed, Nor Party Pride
  224. No Matter Where You May Roam
  225. No One Can Help You but Jesus
  226. Nothing Have I to Offer Worth His Praise
  227. O Come and Walk with Me
  228. O for Words to Sing unto Christ My King
  229. O Friend of Sinners, I Know Thy Great Compassion
  230. O Garden Lowly, Earthly Yet Holy
  231. O Give Ear to Our Cry O Lord
  232. O Happy Christian, Who Knows His Sin Forgiven
  233. O How Marvelous, O How Wonderful
  234. O I’m Travelling, Hallelujah
  235. O Joyous Bells of Easter Morning
  236. O Let Us to the Tomb Now Wend
  237. O Radiant Morn, When Jesus Was Born
  238. O Sin of Mine, That Bowed His Head
  239. O Sinner, Your Savior Now Waiting Stands
  240. O the Joyous Greetings We Shall See
  241. O the Wondrous Love the Father Shows
  242. O What a Change from a World of Despair
  243. O’er the Battlements of Heaven
  244. O’er the Hills and Valleys Let the Tidings Fly
  245. Oft Perplexed By Doubt and Fear
  246. Once upon the Cross Jesus Died for Me
  247. Open, O Gates of Glory
  248. Open Wide the Windows of Your Soul and Find
  249. Other Folks May Not Approve Me
  250. Out on the Ocean My Frail Bark Will Glide
  251. Over All a God of Love Is Reigning
  252. Over and Over, I’m Tempted and Tried
  253. Over the Valleys the Shadows Fall
  254. Path That I Have Trod, The
  255. Pathway Is Often So Dreary, The
  256. Put on the Wedding Garment
  257. Rejoice, Rejoice, the King
  258. Remember Thy Creator
  259. Ring a Message Far and Wide
  260. Ring On, O Bells of Hope
  261. Ring, Ring, Merry, Merry Bells
  262. Ringing Sweetly on the Quiet Air
  263. Room for Jesus, Can It Be?
  264. Rouse Ye! O Ye Freemen!
  265. Safe in the Fold We’ve Gathered the Sheep
  266. Savior Stands Outside Thy Door, The
  267. Say, What Means This Great Commotion?
  268. Shadows of the Night, The
  269. Shepherd Divine Be Thou Near Us
  270. Sin May Leave Its Mark on Me
  271. Sing Alleluia!
  272. Sing with Joy, for the World Still Awaits to Hear
  273. Slumber, Child Divine
  274. Sometimes Above the Path I Tread
  275. Sometimes the Days Seem So Dreary
  276. Sometimes You Grow Weary
  277. Somewhere on the Path of Life
  278. Souls Are Dying Everywhere
  279. Sowing, Sowing, Sowing for the Master
  280. Star of the Christmas Morning
  281. Star of the Midnight Gleaming
  282. Story of Redemption Still Is Told, The
  283. Storms Do Not Alarm Me
  284. Stranger by the Sea, The
  285. Strangers to God, His Grace and His Love, The
  286. Sunshine
  287. Sunshine I Have Found Will Fill Each Day, The
  288. Sweep on to Conquer the Unknown World
  289. Sweet Are the Roses of Sharon
  290. Take Jesus with You in Youth’s Brightest Hours
  291. Take Your Burden to Jesus
  292. Tarry with Me, My Savior
  293. Tell Us
  294. There Are Many Mansions Fair
  295. There Are Sorrows Which for Us Are Hard to Bear
  296. There Are Those Who Are Discouraged
  297. There Are Two Ways Before Me
  298. There I Would Be
  299. There Is a City, Bright and Fair
  300. There Is a Name That Is Laden with Grace
  301. There Is Hope, O Soul, for You
  302. There Is No Cross Now Standing
  303. There Is No Day So Dark, but Has Its Gleam
  304. There Is No Death
  305. There Is No Storm Where Jesus Is
  306. There Is One Who Always Walks Beside Me
  307. There Is One Who Stands upon the Threshold
  308. There May Be Lands as Yet Unknown
  309. There Was a Rose in Sharon Growing
  310. There’s a Land of Peace and Plenty
  311. There’s a Land to Which My Steps Are Leading
  312. There’s a Mansion That Is Waiting Over There
  313. There’s a Message Borne
  314. There’s a Mother on Her Knees in Prayer
  315. There’s a Name That Makes My Happiness Complete
  316. There’s a Robe That I Shall Wear
  317. There’s a Shout in the Camp
  318. There’s a Wedding Feast Preparing
  319. They Crucified Him Who Knew No Sin
  320. They Nailed My Lord upon the Tree
  321. This Is My Salvation, Jesus Died for Me
  322. This Land Through Which I Journey
  323. Thou Shalt Not Have, So Says the Lord
  324. Though All the World May Pass Me By
  325. Though I Know I Must Go Through the Valley Low
  326. Though Many, Many Years May Pass Away
  327. Though the Hand of Winter Touches Hill and Plain
  328. Though the Storms of Life May Gather
  329. Though the Tomb Essayed to Hold Him
  330. Though the World Allure with Its Gilded Charm
  331. Through the Heavy Losses
  332. Thy White Stars Laid in Heaven’s Blue
  333. Time Stands and Waits While We Go Rushing By
  334. ’Tis the Lord Who Redeems Us
  335. Toiling, and Often Weary
  336. Trusting in Jesus from Day to Day
  337. ’Twas Love That Gave at Greatest Cost
  338. ’Twas the Life of Christ, My Lord
  339. ’Twas When I Surrendered to Christ My All
  340. Up Calvary’s Hill Jesus Patiently Trod
  341. Uplifted High on Calvary Across I See
  342. Walking in the Morning Bright
  343. Walking with Jesus on Emmaus Way
  344. We Are Looking Upward Every Day
  345. We Are Waiting for the Dawning of the Day
  346. We Are Willing Workers, Waiting Jesus’ Call
  347. We Believe, O Lord, in the Holy Spirit
  348. We Walk and Talk Together
  349. Weary and Wandering and Sunken in Sin
  350. What a Joy Is Mine, What a Peace Divine
  351. What Shall Separate Us from a Savior’s Love?
  352. When God the World Created
  353. When God’s Almighty Hand
  354. When He Held Out His Hand
  355. When I Ask Thee, Lord, Not Knowing
  356. When I Sought Him, Freely Brought Him
  357. When Jesus Bore the Cross to Calvary
  358. When Jesus Came to Earth from Heaven Above
  359. When Jesus Comes in Glory to Call His Loved
  360. When My Daily Path Brings Trouble Nigh
  361. When My Last Word I Have
  362. When Sorrow and Grief O’erwhelm You
  363. When the Cord of Life for Me Is Broken
  364. When the Early Morn Is Breaking
  365. When the Lamb Was Crucified
  366. When the Power of Evil Is Near
  367. When the Storm Spends Its Fury
  368. When the Sun upon His Way
  369. When the Word of God Is Torn Apart
  370. When Things Go Wrong and Silent Is My Song
  371. When Thou Art Near Me
  372. When Trials Come to Me
  373. When upon Bended Knee Jesus Whispered to Me
  374. When You Are Discouraged
  375. When You Have Passed Through the Valley
  376. Where Does He Dwell?
  377. Where Is the Church of the Days?
  378. Whispering Words of Comfort
  379. White the Robes They Wear
  380. Who Is This Stranger Who Waits at My Door?
  381. Who Is This That’s Waiting?
  382. Who Will Hear Us When We Pray?
  383. Whosoever, Saith the Lord, and Pardon
  384. Why Don’t You Get Right with God?
  385. Wide, Wide as the Ocean
  386. Win Them One by One
  387. With a Deeper Love, Dear Savior
  388. With Love and Praise All Nature’s Voice Is Sounding
  389. With My Heart I Believe on the Savior
  390. Wondrous Song Was Giv’n to Me, A
  391. Word Came unto Noah, The
  392. Word of the Lord Can Never Fail, The
  393. Word That God Has Given, The
  394. Work in Earnest for the One
  395. Would You Know Just Where to Seek Him?
  396. You Have Heard the Good Old Gospel
  397. Youth of Every Land, The
  1. In the Shadow of His Wings
  2. Jesus Set the Music Ringing
  3. Just Before the Dawning
  4. Somebody’s Praying for You
  5. Still Sweeter Every Day
  6. To Victory
  7. We Shall Walk with the Savior
  8. Yes, He Will

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