June 23, 1856, Lafayette, Indiana.

September 11, 1933, Lafayette, Indiana.

Spring Vale Cemetery, Lafayette, Indiana.

Miller graduated from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, in 1878. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1879. He was county surveyor of Tippecanoe County, Indiana (1896–1908); editor of the Lafayette, Indiana, Morning Journal (1902–08); Assistant Secretary of the Interior; editor of the Lafayette Courier in 1909. He taught English at the Lafayette High School (1906–11); was with the Warren Brothers Company, Bitulithic Pavements (1912–18); and was superintendent of water works, Lafayette, Indiana (1914). His wife was Amy Puett.

In addition to short stories and poems, Miller’s works include:

  1. Christ Shall Come Again, The
  2. Dost Thou Grope in the Dark?
  3. Filled with the Spirit
  4. He Died for Thee
  5. I Do, Don’t You?
  6. I Was Glad When I Heard
  7. Marching on to Glory
  8. My Soul Is Saved Through Grace Divine
  9. O Weary Soul, by Guilt
  10. Redeemed by Love
  11. Some Blessed Day, Some Solemn Hour
  12. When Mother Prayed

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