March 7, 1864, Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

September 10, 1917, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Green Hill Cemetery, Luray, Virginia.

Miller was educated at Roanoke College, Virginia; Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary. He served as pastor of College Lutheran Church, Salem, Virginia (1888–96); Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, New York City (1896–1908); St. John’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, South Carolina (1908–12); and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1912–17). He also served on the board of the Ministerium of Pennsylvania (1914–17), was a member of the Quill Club in New York City. His works include:

  1. Day of Christ, The
  2. Forward Still, Forward Still, Zion
  3. Hark to the Call
  4. Softly and Sweetly
  5. Soldiers of Christ, to Arms
  6. To God on High All Glory Be
  1. Word of God, The
  1. Anza Vista
  2. Auburndale

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