May 12, 1916, Penn­syl­van­ia.

No­vem­ber 5, 1996, Ir­vine, Cal­i­for­nia.

For­est Lawn Me­mor­i­al Park, Co­vi­na, Cal­i­for­nia.

Mieir’s mu­sic­al gift showed it­self an ear­ly age, when she be­gan sing­ing and lead­ing chor­al per­form­anc­es. In the 1950’s she es­tab­lished the Har­mo­ny Chor­us, and worked with mu­sic­ian-evan­gel­ist Phil Kerr. These ef­forts were fol­lowed by con­certs through­out Amer­i­ca in the 1960’s. Mieir is al­so re­mem­bered as mu­sic di­rect­or for Rex Hum­bard’s tel­e­vi­sion show Ca­thed­ral of To­mor­row, and for help­ing found or­phan­ag­es in Ko­rea.

  1. All He Wants Is You (© 1967)
  2. He Be­longs to Me
  3. His Name Is Won­der­ful
  4. I’ll Never Be Lone­ly
  5. It Mat­ters to Him About You (© 1959)
  6. To Be Used of God (© 1964)
  7. When You Pray