September 8, 1850, Bedford, Missouri.

October 24, 1939, Macon, Georgia.

Riverside Cemetery, Macon, Georgia.

James, a minister, was the son of Benjamin Dillon Midyett, and husband of Mary Ellen Fairchild.

  1. All the World Was in Darkness
  2. As the Train Speeds Across the Bridge
  3. At the Feet of Jesus Sitting
  4. Beneath Life’s Hill
  5. Boys of Today, So Active and Strong, The
  6. Brought unto Jesus by Power
  7. Captain of Salvation Now Calls, The
  8. Drifting Away on the Out Going Tide
  9. Eternal Father, Mighty King
  10. Farmer Came His Grief to Show, A
  11. Father Divine, Whose Deathless Love
  12. He Called for His Own from His Father’s Hand
  13. He Knows When Fortune Fails
  14. Here Is a Message to Declare
  15. High Seated on the Great White Throne
  16. Ho, Reapers for Eternity, Arouse You One and All
  17. I Am Glad to Read of a Fairer Clime
  18. I Have Read of a City of Jasper and Gold
  19. I Shall Hear There the Song
  20. I’ll Not Fear Whate’er May Betide Me
  21. I’m Longing to Look on That Glorious Sight
  22. I’m Quickened by the Spirit
  23. Is There Anyone to Help Us with Our Heavy Load?
  24. I’ve a Letter from My Father in My Hand
  25. John Was Called from the Fisher’s Net
  26. Mighty Hymn of Victory Was Sung Outside, A
  27. Mountains Before Me Are Steep, The
  28. O the Earth Will Be Quaking
  29. O Who Can Take My Sins Away?
  30. On the Railway of Redemption from This World
  31. Praise Waiteth for Thee, O God
  32. See the Faithful Shepherd Seeking
  33. So Great a Salvation
  34. There Springs a Stream of Precious Blood
  35. There’s a Word That Is Ringing Through This Ruined World
  36. This the Crown of All the Promises Recorded
  37. Though the Clouds Come Nigh
  38. Time Is Naught but a Fitful Gleam
  39. We Have Seen the Savior Coming
  40. We’ve Met Today in the Name of Our Lord
  41. Whole World Was in Darkness, The