January 23, 1825, Newport, Isle of Wight.

February 27, 1909, at his home, Forest Villa, St. John’s Road, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Carisbrooke Cemetery, Isle of Wight.


A businessman by trade, Midlane credited his Sunday School teacher with inspiring him to write poetry. He wrote over 300 hymns in his life. His works include:

  1. Angels Rejoice o’er Sinners Saved
  2. Apart from Every Worldly Care
  3. Be Not Weary, Toiling Christian
  4. Can Any Say, I Do Believe?
  5. Church of God, Amazing, Precious Thought, The
  6. Come and Welcome to the Savior
  7. Come to the Royal Feast
  8. Eighteen Hundred Years Ago
  9. Father, Bless the Heavenly Message
  10. Father, for Thy Promised Blessing
  11. God Be Gracious to a Sinner
  12. God Bless Our Sunday School
  13. God Speaks from Heaven
  14. Hark! In the Presence of Our God
  15. Hark! The Cry, Behold He Cometh
  16. He Comes! He Comes! The Bridegroom Comes
  17. He Says Because He Will
  18. Himself He Could Not Save
  19. How Solemn Are the Words
  20. How Sweet the Cheering Words
  21. How Vast, How Full, How Free
  22. I Am Told Not to Labor
  23. I Once Was Bound in Satan’s Chains
  24. If Jesus Came to Seek and Save
  25. Jesus Died upon the Tree
  26. Jesus Lived. He Lived for Sinners
  27. Jesus Never Answered Nay
  28. Jesus the Blessèd Center Is
  29. Jesus, the Risen Savior
  30. Jesus, the Soul That Trusts in Thee
  31. Kept by the Power of God
  32. Lamb Was Slain, the Blood Was Brought, The
  33. Let the Waves of Blessing Roll
  34. Life from the Dead, Eternal Life
  35. Look, Poor Sinner, Look to Calvary
  36. Lord Jesus, Save!
  37. Lord, Our Waiting Spirits Bow
  38. Lord, Prepare the Hearts of Sinners
  39. Lord, When I Think upon the Love
  40. Love Us Freely, Blessèd Jesus
  41. Never Perish! Words of Mercy
  42. Naught but the Voice of God Can Speak
  43. News for Little Children
  44. No Separation, O My Soul
  45. Not All the Gold of All the World
  46. Now, O Joy, My Sins Are Pardoned
  47. Now We’ll Render to the Savior
  48. O Art Thou an Heir of Glory?
  49. O What a Gift the Father Gave
  50. O What a Glorious Truth Is This
  51. O What a Savior Is Jesus the Lord
  52. Once It Was Mine, the Cup of Wrath
  53. Onward, Upward, Heavenward
  54. Passing Onward, Quickly Passing
  55. Peace with God! How Great a Treasure
  56. Perfect Righteousness of God, The
  57. Perennial Spring of Pure Delight
  58. Revive Thy Work, O Lord
  59. Salvation, Lord, Is Thine
  60. Salvation! What a Precious Word
  61. Scripture Says Where Sin Abounded
  62. See the Blessèd Savior Dying
  63. Shall Jesus’ Love Be Spoken?
  64. Sheltered by the Sprinkled Blood
  65. Showers of Blessing, Gracious Promise
  66. Silver Trumpets Sounding, the
  67. Sinner, Where Is Room for Doubting?
  68. Soft the Voice of Mercy Sounded
  69. Stern Justice Cries for Blood
  70. Sweet the Theme of Jesus’ Love
  71. There Is a Rest for Weary Souls
  72. There Is a Throne of Grace
  73. There’s a Friend for Little Children
  74. Thine, Jesus, Thine
  75. Though Billows Round Me Roll
  76. Thy Word, O Lord
  77. ’Tis Finished, Cried the Dying Lamb
  78. ’Tis Heaven, Where Jesus Is
  79. ’Tis the Voice of Mercy Calls Thee
  80. Together All Things Work for Good
  81. Waiting for Jesus, and Loving While Waiting
  82. We Speak of the Mercy of God
  83. When God Begins His Gracious Work
  84. When the Savior Said, ’Tis Finished
  85. Whispers of Thy Love Divine, The
  86. Who Can Praise the Blessèd God?
  87. Why Those Fears, Poor Trembling Sinner?
  88. Without a Cloud Between
  89. Yet Awhile; How Sweet the Thought

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