Jan­u­a­ry 26, 1769, Re­dle­ston, Der­by­shire, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 8, 1822, Cal­cut­ta (Kol­ka­ta), In­dia.

© National Portrait Gallery

Middleton was the grand­son of Tho­mas Mid­dle­ton, rec­tor of Re­dle­ston.

He was ed­u­cat­ed first by his fa­ther, then at Christ’s Hos­pi­tal, and fi­nal­ly at Pem­broke Hall, Cam­bridge (BA in hon­ors, 1792).

He was suc­cess­ive­ly cur­ate of Gains­bo­rough; rec­tor of Tan­sor, North­amp­ton­shire (1795); vi­car of St. Pan­cras (1810); arch­dea­con of Hunt­ing­don (1812); and first bi­shop of Cal­cut­ta (1814).

His pub­li­ca­tions were main­ly con­fined to var­i­ous ser­mons and charg­es, and a work on the Greek Ar­ti­cle. In 1824 his Ser­mons and Charg­es were col­lect­ed and pub­lished with a short Me­moir, by Dr. H. R. Bon­ney.

  1. As o’er the Past My Me­mo­ry Strays