November 9, 1590, Jena, Germany.

January 26, 1642, Erfurt, Germany.

Meyfart studied at the Universities of Jena (MA 1611, DD 1624) and Wittenberg, and was thereafter for some time adjunct of the philosophical faculty at Jena. In 1616, he was appointed professor in the Gymnasium at Coburg, and in 1623 director. When his colleagues at the Gymnasium complained to the government about his 1633 dissertation De disciplina ecclesiastica, Meyfart accepted a professorship at the revived University of Erfurt.

He began his work in Erfurt in July 1633, became rector of the University in 1634, and in 1636 also became pastor of the Prediger Kirche.

Meyfart’s works include:

  1. Jerusalem du hochgebaute Stadt
    • Jerusalem! High Tow’r Thy Glorious Walls
    • Jerusalem, Thou City Builded High
    • Jerusalem, Thou City Built on High!
    • Jerusalem, Thou City of the Skies
    • Jerusalem, Thou City Reared On High
    • Jerusalem, Thou City Fair and High
    • Jerusalem, Thou City Towering High
    • Jerusalem, Thou Glorious City-Height
    • Jerusalem, Thou High-Built, Fair Abode
    • Jerusalem! High Tow’r Thy Glorious Walls
  2. O grosser Gott von Macht