September 9, 1849, New Haven, Vermont.

March 16, 1922, Chicago, Illinois.

Oakwoods Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

Meyer taught high school in Brandon, Vermont, and in a school for freedmen at Greensboro, North Carolina. She then became principal of the Troy (Methodist) Conference Academy in Poultney, Vermont, and a chemistry professor at McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois. In 1885, she married Methodist Episcopal minister Josiah S. Meyer. They opened the Chicago Training School for City, Home and Foreign Missions, where she was principal (1885-1917). This school was one of the progenitors of the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. In 1886, she founded the Message periodical (later renamed the Deaconess Advocate), editing it until 1914. In 1908, she formed the Methodist Deaconess Association. Her works include:

  1. He Was Not Willing
  2. Give All You Can
  3. Ho, Every One That Is Thirsty
  4. Homeland, The
  5. I Will Follow Jesus
  6. I Will Obey
  7. Singing as We Journey
  8. Speak Just a Word
  1. Blue Grass
  2. Evening Hymn
  3. Jalisco
  4. Lublin
  5. Meyer

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