1871, Illinois.

November 19, 1908, Elmhurst, Illinois.

Elmhurst College Cemetery, Elmhurst, Illinois.

Amanda was the daughter of Philipp F. Meusch, president of the Elmhurst Proseminar (this school became Elmhurst College in the 1920’s) and Julie Friesleben, and husband of George Landefeld (married 1905, Monroe County, Ohio).

Fully bilingual, Meusch had 42 German language texts in Rosche’s Geistliche Männerchöre (Chicago, Illinois: George F. Rosche, 1896).

  1. Give Thanks unto the Savior
  2. How Many Are There in This World
  3. If We Knew What Gems
  4. I’m Happy in My Savior’s Love
  5. Jesus Is Calling, O Heed His Voice
  6. Let Your Light, So Clear and Cheering
  7. My Savior’s Footsteps
  8. Though Thy Path Be Dark and Dreary
  9. We Pass This Way but Once