January 8, 1720, Reading, Berkshire, England.

January 5, 1769, Reading, Berkshire, England.

St. Laurence Church, Reading, Berkshire, England.

Educated at Oxford University, Merrick became a Fellow of Trinity College. He took Holy Orders, but was unable to work in a parish due to ill health. His works include:

  1. Arise, Eternal God, Arise
  2. Arise, Great God
  3. As Pants the Hart for Cooling Springs
  4. Author Good, to Thee We Turn
  5. Before Messiah’s Presence Meet
  6. Behold Yon New-Born Infant Grieved
  7. Blest Instructor, from Thy Ways
  8. Blest, Who with Generous Pity Glows
  9. Celestial Orb, Whose Powerful Way
  10. Descend, O Lord! From Heaven Descend
  11. Earth, Big with Empires, to Thy Reign
  12. Eternal God, We Look to Thee
  13. Eternal Ruler of the Skies
  14. Far as Creation’s Bounds Extend
  15. Festal Morn, My God, Is Come, The
  16. God Bids, and Lo!
  17. God of My Strength, the Wise, the Just
  18. God the Heavens Aloud Proclaim
  19. He Who with Generous Pity Glows
  20. His Breath Resigned, on Earth’s Low Bed
  21. How Pleasant, Lord, Thy Dwellings Are
  22. Immortal King! Through Earth’s Wide Frame
  23. Incumbent on the Bending Sky
  24. Let Not the Sinner’s Wealth or Might
  25. Lift Up Your Voice and Thankful Sing
  26. Lo, My Shepherd’s Hand Divine
  27. Lord, My Strength, to Thee I Pray
  28. Lord th’Eternal Scepter Rears, The
  29. May the Eternal Monarch Shed
  30. Morn and Eve Thy Praise Resound, The
  31. My Heart Its Noblest Theme Has Found
  32. My Reins, My Fabric’s Every Part
  33. O Come, and to th’Eternal King
  34. O Hear Me, Lord
  35. O Let Me, Heavenly Lord Extend
  36. O Let My Soul, to Life Restored
  37. O Turn, Great Ruler of the Skies
  38. On Thee, Great Ruler of the Skies
  39. Placed on the Verge of Youth
  40. Praise, O Praise, the Name Divine
  41. See! Roused by Discord’s Fierce Alarms
  42. Shepherd of Israel, Bow Thine Ear
  43. Sing to the Lord Some New-Taught Song
  44. Sing, Ye Sons of Might, O Sing
  45. Stretch Out Thy Arm, O Lord, and Save
  46. Taught by Thy Wisdom, Let Me Learn
  47. Teach Me, O Teach Me, Lord, Thy Way
  48. Thee Let Me Bless
  49. Thy Foes Succeeding Times Shall Own
  50. ’Tis Enough, the Hour Is Come
  51. ’Tis God, Whose All Disposing Sway
  52. To God the All-Prolific Earth
  53. To Thy Pastures, Fair and Large
  54. With What Delight, Great God, I Trace
  55. Ye Children Come; My Precepts Hear
  56. Ye Works of God, on Him Alone

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