July 27, 1658, Jahmen (near Rothenburg), Silesia.

February 24, 1734, Kemnitz (near Bernstadt auf dem Eigen), Saxony.

Having studied theology at Wittenberg, Mentzer was in 1691 appointed pastor at Merzdorf; in 1693 at Hauswalde; and in 1696 at Kemnitz.

He was a great friend of J. C. Schwedler, of Henrietta Catherine von Gersdorf, and of N. L. von Zinzendorf, all hymn-writers, and all his near neighbors. He himself was greatly tried in the furnace of affliction. He wrote a large number of hymns, over 30 of which appeared in the various hymn-books of his time. Many of them, especially those of Praise and Thanksgiving, and those of Cross and Consolation, are of high merit, though sometimes exaggerated and not very refined in their imagery, and are full of ardent love to Christ, Scriptural, poetical, and also popular in style.

Quoted in Julian, p. 724

  1. Du gehest den Garten beten
    • Into the Garden Shade to Pray
  2. O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte
    • I Praise Thee, O My God and Father
    • O That a Thousand Tongues Were Granted
    • O That a Thousand Tongues Were Mine
    • O Would, My God, That I Could Praise Thee
    • Oh That I Had a Thousand Voices
    • Oh Be Unceasing Praise Ascending
    • Oh Would I Had a Thousand Tongues
  3. Wer das Kleinod will erlangen
    • Who Would Make the Prize His Own