February 27, 1797, Netzelkow, Germany.

November 30, 1851, Charlottenburg, Germany.

Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany.


Johann was the son of Georg Wilhelm Meinhold, pastor at Netzelkow, on the island of Usedom. He entered the University of Greifswald in 1813, and became rector of the Town School of Usedom in 1820. In 1821 he was appointed pastor of Coserow in Usedom, and, in 1828, of Crummin in Usedom (D.D. from Erlangen, 1840). He finally became, on Easter 1844, pastor at Rehwinkel, near Stargard. He was a staunch conservative, and after passing through the revolutionary period of 1848, this feeling, coupled with his leaning toward Roman Catholicism, made him resign his post in the autumn of 1850. He then retired to Charlottenburg, outside Berlin.

  1. Guter Hirt, du hast gestillt
  2. O Bethlehem! O Bethlehem! Was ist in dir geschehen