September 20, 1846, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

May 13, 1920, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Meigs was the son of Charles Delucena Meigs, Jr., and Elizabeth Meigs of Indianapolis, and grandson of Professor Charles D. Meigs of the Jefferson Medical School at Philadelphia. In 1873, he married Anna L. Allen, daughter of Rev. A. C. Allen and Elizabeth Allen.

In 1868, Meigs became a bookkeeper in an Indianapolis book store, and later became a partner in Merrill, Meigs & Company. He was also a manager in the law department of the Bowen-Merrill Company, and a member of the firm. Having sold out his interest in the publishing business to spend more time in religious work, Meigs became general secretary of the state Sunday school association. He was for many years on the executive committee of the International Sunday School Association, and served as state secretary of both the Indiana and Texas Sunday school associations. He was active in the work of the Young Men’s Christian Association in its early days in Indianapolis and was associated with the Rev. Thomas C. Horton, George Cobb, Leroy Braden, H. H. Fulton, Lea Munhall and other men prominent in Gospel work. He was a member of the Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, and chaplain of the Indiana Gideons.

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