Early 20th Century
  1. Angel Voices in the Night
  2. Battle of Armageddon, The
  3. Blood of Jesus Makes Me Free, The
  4. Children, Learn the Blessed Bible!
  5. Faith Is the Key to the Kingdom of God
  6. Herald Song, The
  7. He’s the Shepherd of My Soul
  8. His Blood Alone Can Make You Free
  9. His War of Righteousness Is Near
  10. I Love the Name of Jesus
  11. I Love to Sing the Good Old Songs
  12. I Want to Meet My Friends in Heaven
  13. I Will Meet You in Heaven That Day
  14. If I Could Win the World for Jesus
  15. I’ll Bear the Cross of Jesus
  16. I’m Hidden Behind the Blood
  17. In That City Bright and Fair
  18. In This Wilderness of Sin
  19. Jesus Is Able to Go All the Way
  20. Jesus Is Watching You
  21. Let Your Life Be Full of Days
  22. Let’s Sing the Good Old Songs
  23. Liberty Bell
  24. Mother Dear Has Gone to Heaven
  25. My Lord Is Everywhere
  26. My Spirit Shall Never Go Down to the Grave
  27. Nature’s Song
  28. No Blackouts in Heaven
  29. On the Sunset Trail
  30. Plenty of Room in Heaven for All
  31. Reach Down unto Me
  32. Savior’s Love Is All I Need
  33. Sing for Me the Songs of Jesus
  34. Star of Bethlehem, The
  35. That Sweet Home on High
  36. There’s Victory upon His Wings
  37. They’re Singing in Glory Today
  38. This Earth Life Is Filled with Trials and Cares
  39. This Old World Needs God’s Salvation
  40. True Victory’s Song
  41. Veil in the Temple, The
  42. We Shall Meet to Part No More
  43. Whate’er for His You May Do
  44. Where Jesus Is
  45. Where the Fair Rose of Sharon
  1. I Love You, Mother Dear
  2. Just Smile
  3. Never Speak Angry Words
  4. Ten Commandments, The