Julian Hilary McNiel, Sharp McNiel

November 13, 1873, Glenfawn, Texas.

April 23, 1911, Nacogdoches, Texas, of appendicitis. McNiel had been living in Cushing, Texas, at the end of his life.

Gould Cemetery, Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Sharp was the son of George T. McNiel and Susan Frances Wallace, and husband of Nettie L. Irby.

Sharp was educated in the public schools, and began studying music at an early age, under his brother L. L. His next teachers were J. B. Martin and Miss Margarite Wood, and in 1898, he attended his first session of the Southern Normal Musical Institute (SNMI) in Mansfield, Texas, conducted by Anthony Showalter and Edwin Moore. He received his diploma from the SNMI at Childress, Texas, in 1901.

He later taught at a number of normals and other schools, and with Bernard N. Richards, formed the McNiel-Richards Music Company in Cushing, Texas. The company produced at least two shape note song books in the early 1900s. In his books, McNiel sometimes used the # symbol (a musical sharp) for his first name.

  1. Glory over Yonder
  2. Here and There
  3. Little Farther On, A
  4. Sailing Home
  5. Somebody Is Carelessly Wandering On
  6. There’s a Beautiful Home
  7. When You Grow Weary