July 22, 1886, Heflin, Louisiana.

September 7, 1952, Bryson City, North Carolina, in an auto accident.

Woodlawn Memorial Park, Nashville, Tennessee.


B. B. was the son of James Cal­vin McKin­ney and Mar­tha An­nis Hef­lin.

He attended Mount Le­ba­non Academy, Lou­i­si­a­na; Lou­i­si­a­na College, Pine­ville, Lou­i­si­a­na; the South­wes­tern Bapt­ist Seminary in Fort Worth, Tex­as; the Sie­gel-My­ers Correspondence School of Mu­sic, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois (BM 1922); and the Bush Conservatory of Music, Chi­ca­go. Ok­la­ho­ma Bap­tist Un­i­ver­si­ty awarded him an honorary MusD degree in 1942.

McKinney served as music editor at the Ro­bert H. Col­eman company in Dal­las, Texas (1918–35). In 1919, after several months in the army, Mc­Kin­ney returned to Fort Worth, where Ish­am E. Rey­nolds asked him to join the faculty of the School of Sac­red Music at South­west­ern Bap­tist The­o­lo­gi­cal Sem­in­a­ry. He taught at the seminary until 1932, then pastored in at the Tra­vis Avenue Baptist Church in Fort Worth (1931–35). In 1935, McKin­ney became music editor for the Bap­tist Sunday School Board in Nash­ville, Ten­nes­see.

McKinney wrote words and music for about 150 songs, and music for 115 more. His works in­clude:

  1. All on the Altar
  2. Always with Us
  3. Ashamed of Jesus
  4. At Eventide
  5. Be Ye Doers of the Word
  6. Because of You
  7. Bible, The
  8. Blessed Be the Name
  9. Breathe on Me
  10. Calling You Home
  11. Christ Liveth in Me
  12. Come unto Him and Rest
  13. Crimson Calvary Answers, No
  14. Draw Near
  15. Everlasting Arms Are Underneath, The
  16. Everything’s All Right
  17. Follow the Gleam
  18. For Me
  19. Forgive
  20. Friend of Mine, A
  21. Glorious Is Thy Name
  22. Glory Be to God
  23. God, Give Us Christian Homes!
  24. God Loved the World
  25. Have Faith in God
  26. He Lifted Me Up to Stay
  27. He Lives on High
  28. Heir of God’s Grace, An
  29. Holy Spirit, Like the Dew
  30. How Do I Know?
  31. I Can See the Lights of Home
  32. I Know the Bible Is True
  33. I Was Glad When They Said
  34. In the Old-time Way
  35. In Thy Holy Temple
  36. Keep on Praying
  37. Knocking at the Door
  38. Lead On, Lead On
  39. Let Go and Let God
  40. Let Others See Jesus in You
  41. Let the Tide Come In
  42. Lift Me Up to Thee
  43. List to the Voice
  44. Look for the Silver Lining
  45. Lord, Lay Some Soul upon My Heart
  46. Lord, Send a Revival
  47. Love Sings a Song in My Heart
  48. Man of Sorrows
  49. Many Mansions, The
  50. My Prayer
  51. Nail Scarred Hand, The
  52. Nearer Home
  53. ’Neath the Old Olive Trees
  54. New Birth, The
  55. No One Seemed to Care
  56. O God Eternal
  57. Old Road, The
  58. One Door
  59. Onward
  60. Our Dearest Friend
  61. Over the Line
  62. Praise Ye Jehovah
  63. Pray Your Troubles Away
  64. Prayer Changes Things
  65. Rainbow with the Rain, The
  66. Satisfied with Jesus
  67. Send a Great Revival
  68. Send the Old-Time Power
  69. Serve the Lord with Gladness
  70. Since His Love Came Shining Through
  71. Somebody Needs Your Love
  72. Speak to My Heart
  73. Sunshine of My Heart, The
  74. Take Up Thy Cross and Follow Me
  75. Talk it All Over with Jesus
  76. Tarry Ye Here
  77. Thy Will Be Done!
  78. Unfold, Ye Portals
  79. Waiting for the Sunrise
  80. What Will You Do with Jesus?
  81. When the Morning Comes
  82. Wherever He Leads I’ll Go
  83. Whisper a Prayer
  84. World Is Dying for Love, The
  1. Christ for the Whole Wide World!
  2. Christian Home, The
  3. Crowned or Crucified
  4. Glory Be to God
  5. Touch Me, Lord Jesus
  6. Upper Room, The