February 17, 1861, Ramsey, Ontario, Canada.

Son of a Presbyterian minister, McKenzie was educated at the University of Toronto (AB 1884); Knox College, Toronto; and Auburn Theological Seminary, New York City. He taught English literature and rhetoric at the University of Rochester, New York, and later was involved with the Christian Science movement for a number of years. His works include:

  1. Heartsease Hymns, 1901
  1. Happy the Man Whose Heart Can Rest
  2. In Mercy, in Goodness, How Great Is Our King
  3. O Love Divine, That Dwells Serene
  4. Praise Now Creative Mind
  5. Song of the Dawning, A
  6. There Are None Friendless, None Afraid
  7. Trust the Eternal
  8. What Brightness Dawned in Resurrection