March 1, 1820, Belmont Corner, Maine.

September 11, 1901, Somerville, Massachusetts.

Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Son of Joseph and Mary McDonald, William became a Methodist Episcopal pastor at age 19, and joined the Maine Conference in 1843. In 1855, he transferred to the Wisconsin Conference, and in 1859 to the New England Conference. For fifteen years he edited the Advocate of Christian Holiness. He also wrote a number of books on religious subjects, several biographies, and edited or co-edited several collections of music, including:

  1. Come with Us
  2. I Am Coming to the Cross
  3. I Am Trusting in the Cross
  4. I Believe Jesus Saves
  5. I’m Going Home
  6. Jesus, Lord, I Come to Thee
  7. Rest for My Soul I’ve Found at Last
  8. Land of Promise, The
  9. Second Rest, The
  10. There Is a Day That’s Drawing Nigh
  11. Through a Dark World of Woe
  12. White as Snow
  1. Lopez

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