Before 1930.

A Presbyterian minister, McCook was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1870. On Columbus Day, 1892, McCook delivered the benediction at ceremonies marking the World Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois. McCook’s prayer followed remarks by (amongst others) Levi Parsons Morton, twenty-second Vice President of the United States. In 1906, 1910, and 1920, McCook was living in Devon, Pennsylvania.

  1. Almighty Lord of All
  2. Come to Jesus, Come
  3. Come Ye to the Waters
  4. Forward, Brothers
  5. Heaven of Rest
  6. Little Pilgrim on the Road
  7. Lord Jehovah, in Thy Temple
  8. Merciful Savior, Lover of Sinners
  9. Planting Sharon’s Rose
  10. When the Pearly Gates Unfold
  11. With Christ We’ll Walk the Wayside
  12. Working for the Lord