Circa 1863-?

Circa 1863, near West Salem, Ohio.

McCauley attended the National Normal University, Ohio (BA 1883, LitD 1893), and Lane Theological Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio (1886). The Presbytery of Cincinnati licensed him in 1885, and he was ordained the next year by the Presbytery of Dayton, Ohio. He served the Park Presbyterian Church in Dayton (1886-91); Wayne Avenue Presbyterian Church, Dayton (1891-94); and the 5th Presbyterian Church, Toledo, Ohio (1895-?). He was President of the Ohio Christian Endeavor Union (1895); Vice President of the World’s C. E. Union; lecturer at Lane Theological Seminary (1893); editor in the Worker’s Training Department, and of The Outlook His works include:

  1. Again a New Baby We Welcome Today
  2. At the Holy Sabbath’s
  3. Book of Truth, The
  4. By Grace Are Ye Saved, Through Faith
  5. By Thy Grace We Meet to Praise
  6. Come to Me, My Savior
  7. Deep in My Heart’s a Garden
  8. Ere We Part, Our Father’s Blessing
  9. Fainthearted Be Never
  10. For Christ and the Church Our Songs We Raise
  11. From Choirs Redeemed
  12. Gathered Once More
  13. Glory, Glory, in the Highest Glory
  14. Going Forth with Gladness
  15. Hail, O Hail, Young Christian
  16. Hear the Heavens Ring, Hallelujah
  17. Here We Raise Our Thankful Voices
  18. I Heard Once a Story of Joy and Love
  19. I Love This World So Beautiful
  20. I Will Trust Thee, O Savior Divine
  21. Jesus Is Risen
  22. Lord, I Have Wandered
  23. Lord Is Ris’n!, The
  24. Lord, We Adore Thee
  25. My God Reveals Himself
  26. My Heart Has a Burden of Joy
  27. My Savior Is My Friend
  28. Now the Glow of Life’s Fair Sun Fades
  29. O Christian, a Watchword We Bring You Today
  30. O Hear the Bells
  31. O How Can I Reach the Wanderer?
  32. O My Savior Bids Me Wait a Little While
  33. O Savior, Gentle Savior
  34. O Wondrous Love
  35. Onward Is Our War Cry
  36. Our Songs Will We Sing
  37. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
  38. Rejoicing We Sing
  39. Sad Memory Dreams of Other Days
  40. Sayings of Jesus Are Purest, The
  41. Sing of God’s Own Sunlight
  42. Sinner, Drifting on Life’s Ocean
  43. Smiling Face of Nature, The
  44. Sweet Peace of God the Aged Know
  45. There Is a Light upon Our Way
  46. There Is One God, Who Made the Earth and Sky
  47. There’s a Work That We Must Do
  48. They Tell Us the Fields Are Ready
  49. Together We Meet in Love
  50. We Are Gleaners in Life’s Harvest
  51. We Come as Little Messengers
  52. We Meet Again, with Grateful Hearts
  53. We Rise from Rest Our Toil
  54. We Welcome You with Songs Today
  55. Weary with Want and Sin
  56. We’d Cherish and Help
  57. Weeping Disciples Sadly Greet
  58. When Once the Sinful Maze I Trod
  1. Mortals, Awake