September 25, 1861, Duck River, Tennessee.

November 7, 1953, Los Angeles, California.

Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California.


In 1888, McCaleb enrolled at the College of the Bible, Lexington, Kentucky, studying under John W. McGarvey. In March 1892, he went to Japan with a group headed by W. K. Azbill. His wife Della stayed with him there until ill health forced her to return with their children to America around 1909. Relying on support from individual Church of Christ congregations in America, McCaleb worked as a missionary in Japan until World War II forced him to leave in 1941. He then taught Oriental languages at Pepperdine College, Malibu, California, until 1945, when a heart attack made him retire. He is said to have written 11 books, over a dozen tracts, and 1,400 poems. His works include:

  1. Far from Across the Ocean
  2. Gospel Is for All, The