Died: Oc­to­ber 20, 1956.

Buried: Ce­me­te­ry of the Ho­ly Rood, West­bu­ry, Nas­sau Coun­ty, New York.



A po­et, li­ter­ary cri­tic, and his­to­ri­an, May­nard grew up in Eng­land. He moved to Am­eri­ca around 1920, and lived there the rest of his life.

Though he con­si­dered him­self pri­ma­ri­ly a po­et, dur­ing his life­time he was best known and most in­flu­en­tial as a his­to­ri­an of Ro­man Ca­tho­li­cism, es­pec­ial­ly in the Unit­ed States.



A Song of Colours

Gold for the crown of Mary,
Blue for the sea and sky,
Green for the woods and meadows
Where small white daisies lie,
And red for the colour of Christ’s blood
When He came to the cross to die.

These things the high God gave us
And left in the world He made—
Gold for the hilt’s enrichment,
And blue for the sword’s good blade,
And red for the roses a youth may set
On the white brows of a maid.

Green for the cool, sweet gardens
Which stretch about the house,
And the delicate new frondage
The winds of Spring arouse,
And red for the wine which a man may drink
With his fellows in carouse.

Blue and green for the comfort
Of tired hearts and eyes,
And red for that sudden hour which comes
With danger and great emprise,
And white for the honour of God’s throne
When the dead shall all arise.

Gold for the cope and chalice,
For kingly pomp and pride,
And red for the feathers men wear in their caps
When they win a war or a bride,
And red for the robe
Which they dressed God in
On the bitter day He died.

Theodore Maynard
Poems, 1919



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